SSC Silver Anniversary Team

The SSC Silver Anniversary Team recognized the conference’s first 25 years of competition in the sport of women’s volleyball. Voting was conducted among the athletic directors at each of the SSC’s nine member institutions. Although the SSC was founded as a men’s basketball conference prior to the 1975-76 season, volleyball was added as a championship sport in the 1981-82 academic year. A total of 20 student-athletes and one coach representing four different institutions were selected to the Sunshine State Conference Silver Anniversary Volleyball Team.

Karla Bersano, Barry, 2001-2002, 2004
Fernanda Brino, Barry, 2003-2004
Missey Crain, Florida Southern, 1988-1990
Kim Crawford, Florida Southern, 1993-1994
Kim Dix, Tampa, 1988-1991
Danielle Faggion, Tampa, 1996-1999
Fernanda Ferreira, Barry, 2001-2003
Cristiana Florea, Saint Leo, 1999-2002
Jade Harper, Barry, 1998-2000
Sandy Hudson, Florida Southern, 1981-1982
Mickisha Hurley, Barry, 1992-1995
Wei Liu, Barry, 1993-1995
Dawn Rawlins, Tampa, 1995-1998
Michele Rosamiglia, Barry, 2004-2005
Ania Ruiz, Tampa, 2000-2003
Jill Stephens, Florida Southern, 1991-1994
Becky Thyhsen, Florida Southern, 1989-1991
Elvira Vakhidova, Barry, 1994-1997
Ericka Womack, Tampa, 2002-2005
Cindy Yuan, Barry, 1995-1998

Top Players of First 25 Years: Danielle Faggion, Tampa (1996-1999) and Mickisha Hurley, Barry (1992-1995)
Top Coach of First 25 Years: Chris Catanach, Tampa (1984-present)