Cheerleading: Tryout and Clinic Info

Event: Cheerleading Tryout

Friday, August 31st 4:30p.m. - 8p.m. (registration opens at 4p.m.)
Saturday, Sept. 1st 9:30a.m. - 4p.m.

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What are the stunting and tumbling requirements to cheer at UT?

We do not have set requirements for our teams. We will create the strongest teams possible based on who is at tryouts, so the more talent you bring, the better your chance of making a team. Talent varies slightly each year, but here are some general guidelines:  For our game team, we are looking for great crowd leaders, cheerleaders who pick up material easily, sharp motions, and spirit. Preference will be given to athletes who tumble. Cheerleaders should have basic stunting skills (extensions, libs, etc.). For our competitive team, we are looking for cheerleaders with competition experience, who tumble and stunt. Preferred tumbling is a tuck or higher (standing and running). Preferred stunting is elite stunts (full ups, double downs, switch ups, etc.). Again, these are general guidelines and are not requirements, so each year we have people on both teams who may meet a higher/lower skill level.

Can you choose which team to tryout for?

You will do a general tryout, and the coaching staff will decide which team you are a better fit for. The teams have a "rolling roster" which means our coaching staff can move cheerleaders between the teams at our discretion. If you are on the game team and we see competition potential, you may be moved to competition. If you are on competition and we see you are better fit for our games, you may be moved to game team.

What if I can't make the formal tryout?

Do your best to be at the formal tryout. The majority of our athletes are from out of state and fly to Tampa to attend our tryout. If there is absolutely no way for you to make it, we will need proof of why and will provide you with the video tryout information at our discretion. The formal tryout is mandatory unless you have been approved by the coaching staff to send a video. Please keep in mind that we are able to see HOURS of practice in person - along with your ability to be coached, work with teammates, work ethic, attitude, etc., -- not just your best take for the video. This being said, if the skill level of a video tryout is the same as the skill level of a formal tryout cheerleader, preference will be given to the formal tryout athlete. If you are sending in a video tryout, it must be in the format and meet the requirements we provide and must be received by the due date.

Is there an option to tryout in the fall?

There are always openings that pop up over summer and during the semester. We typically do not have a fall tryout, but if you email the coaching staff and if there is an opening in your position, we will evaluate you for that spot.

Are both tryout days mandatory?

Yes, both days are mandatory. We will be evaluating different skills each day and will need to see you at both days of tryouts to be considered for the team. 

Will there be a lunch break provided during tryouts?

Yes, a lunch break will be provided. You do not need to bring a lunch, you will have time to get lunch.